Since virtually every investment class asset from stocks and bonds to rare art and collectibles, to thoroughbred race horses, is traded in an auction market, it was an easy decision for Meredith Fine Properties to offer this type of liquidity for owners by establishing a credible offering service. This is an effective way to discover the market and create an air of competition to garner the highest value that the market will bear on any property. It provides time-sensitive liquidity through an aggressive marketing program which is an advantage not only to sellers who desire to cash-out, but also to buyers who desire to cash-in to an alternative investment at fair market value.

Radcliffe Manor

Radcliffe Manor
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Accelerated Real Estate Sales is a full - service residential real estate program that specializes in the development and implementation of both conventional and accelerated sales and marketing programs.

We conduct comprehensive market research and extensive analyses to determine the correct positioning and pricing of each property, and then plans and efficiently executes a customized, results-driven strategy to attract maximum buyer participation. The innovative sales and marketing programs produce results.

Accelerated Real Estate Sales will help you maximize the net present value of your property by minimizing absorption time and reducing holding costs. We understand time is money. We are available to immediately begin working with you from concept to conclusion or any point in between to develop a strategic solution that achieves your real estate goals.


Accelerated Real Estate Sales delivers a leading-edge combination of expertise, experience and execution to successfully market all types of residential properties. We offer creative solutions and a full range of services that enhance the net present value of real estate holdings, while minimizing absorption time and holding costs.

We begin by developing a targeted marketing strategy for each project, based on comprehensive research and extensive analyses of market conditions and trends. A broad spectrum of relevant factors are considered and evaluated to determine the right positioning and price matrix. We work closely with each client to establish a complete marketing program, a proposed budget and specific timeline.Through established partnerships with leading institutions we are able to provide turnkey transaction services to buyers.


Accelerated Real Estate Sales offers alternatives to conventional marketing and sales approaches that can quickly and effectively address your real estate challenges. We’ll accelerate marketing and sales efforts to help you evaluate strategic alternatives, assist with decision-making and develop a program that meets your needs and accomplishes your goals. The marketing program developed for each property is contingent on The Seller’s Motivation, The Property Valuation and The Market Depth.

Our goal is to maximize value and minimize risk for you, regardless of timing, property location or market conditions. This can be achieved by conducting auctions or accelerated sales or developing new conventional marketing programs.

Potential program structures chosen to accelerate sales while still maximizing a property’s value include: Published/Unpublished Reserve Sale (Sealed Bid) –
Sealed Bid Conversion to Open Sale, i.e. (Pending Buyer Demand)


Differentiate the Property


Engage the Marketplace


Create Urgency


Set a Competitive Environment
We Partner with You

Accelerated Real Estate Sales works in a consultative capacity with Sellers and their Brokers to ensure that each home’s marketing plan is designed for success within an accelerated period.
Accelerated Real Estate Sales fully engages brokers representing Buyers and Sellers alike with the goal of creating a transparent process in which both Buyers and Sellers feel comfortable about the Accelerated Sales Platform.

Sellers Broker

This is your listing and your relationship; we always keep this in mind.
Your brokerage fee stays intact. We act as partners in the Accelerated Real Estate Sales Program and offer you flexibility in your involvement.
You receive full credit on MLS and will yield a new database of prospective buyers.
We only work with realistic sellers with a realistic price point in mind.
Accelerated Real Estate Sales produces a sale within an accelerated time frame.

Buyers Broker

Our sales offer competitive fair market brokerage commissions.
You and your client determine value…not the seller.
All Relevant due-diligence is provided creating a simple and transparent process.
Accelerated Real Estate Sales provides a quicker, more efficient marketing and sales process, which offers buyers the same opportunity to research the property and the market and feel confident in the purchase price.




Types of Auctions

Absolute Auction
Absolute Auction means highest bid wins, regardless of price. The typical result? More money for the seller because of the competitive nature of bidding. Competition typically heats up most intensely at Absolute Auctions because bidders know that by besting a rival across the room or online, the property can be theirs. But of course, other bidders have the same strategy and desire. Absolute Auctions typically get the most bidding. For the seller, the risk associated with an Absolute Auction is greater than the other types of auctions, but so is the potential reward.

Minimum Bid Auction
Minimum Bid Auctions begin at a minimum price established by the seller. Bidding must begin at least at that minimum before there can eventually be a sale. The minimum bid is published and announced by the auctioneer at the start of bidding for that particular property. These auctions offer a certain level of safety to the seller but are not usually as attractive to buyers as an Absolute Auction. A key strategy for a Minimum Bid Auction is for the seller to set the minimum bid low enough to attract the interest of buyers. Setting the minimum bid too high will discourage initial bidding.

Reserve Auction
Reserve Auctions allows the seller to accept, reject or counter the “winning” bid, for any reason. Sellers typically make this decision before the auction event ends. This gives sellers protection so their properties will not be sold below what they consider acceptable. However, sellers should be aware that Reserve Auctions typically generate the least amount of interest among potential buyers, because buyers know their "winning" bid can ultimately be rejected.

Sealed Bid Auction
In a Sealed Bid Auction, bidders privately submit their one best offer, in writing and in a sealed envelope. The bids are opened privately by the auctioneer and seller who do not reveal the bids to any of the participants. The seller can take one of the following courses of action: Accept the highest or best bid; reject all bids and call for a “Best and Final” bid from the two highest bidders, or just commence serious negotiations with all the identified bidders. Sealed Bid Auctions are often used for properties that do not have a broad market or appeal. Furthermore, keeping the bids private helps ensure that if all bids are too low for any of them to be accepted by the seller, the property will not become stigmatized by having a perceived low value in the marketplace.

Two-Step (or Combo) Auction
The Two-Step Auction is one in which sealed bids are sought from bidders (the first step) and if the seller does not accept the highest bid then the top five bidders are invited to participate in live bidding on an absolute or reserve basis (the second step) to determine the highest bidder.

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